Quit your job.

quitThis is a tough one right off the bat, but the results are worth it. Sure, you can waste time at work, but in the meantime you’ll be getting up daily and leaving the house. With a routine like that, something’s bound to accidentally get done. To pull this move off, you’re going to need to convince yourself that you’re better than your job.

Tell yourself that they don’t appreciate you, that you’re busting your hump for no recognition, and that by quitting you’ll be teaching them a lesson about respecting their employees. Don’t hold back; really make yourself a martyr for the cause. Afterall, you’re only selling kitchen cabinets or managing shipping for a drywall producer; you could be doing so much more with your skills. You’re important.

You want to make a difference in the world, and think of all the side projects you could get done. You wanted to start painting again didn’t you? Now that you think about it, how much money does it take to live? It can’t be that much, let’s see. There’s the rent, and some food, and that’s it. Heck, you have enough money to coast for a little while. This is starting to seem like a really great idea.

Alright. Now do it! Quick! before common sense sets in.

Good job. This is perhaps the biggest step in your journey to serious time wasting. Just relax and take it easy for a little while, you’ve earned it.


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