Sleep Modifications

sleepYou should get in the practice of staying up late.

Really late. I’m talking about going to bed after sensible people are waking up. This accomplishes a couple of things that will make the rest of your time wasting go smoothly.

First, you’re going to start waking up later in the day. If you do it correctly, you can sleep well into the afternoon, bypassing all the sunny, energetic hours of the day. Think of the time you’ll spend fishing around in the dark for everything.

Secondly, by effectively shifting your sleeping schedule to the daylight hours, you ensure that even if you want to do something later in your day, most things will be closed. It’s quite satisfying to muster up the strength to finally leave the house, and realize that it’s 8PM, and the post office has been closed for hours. Whew! Activity averted. Now you can get back to your show.

You might ask, “Why is leaving the house supposed to be such a chore? I have energy to spare,” which brings me to another sleep guideline.

Randomize your bedtime. Sure, keep it in the AM, but vary it. You can confuse and exhaust yourself pretty easily by keeping an uneven sleep schedule, which will aid you in ridding any energy surpluses you may have accidentally built up. The bedtime sweet spot is anywhere between 2 and 7 AM.  While I’m on the subject, here are a few more sleeping tips to keep you feeling delaxed and defreshed.

Sleep in nontraditional spots. A favorite is the couch, but why not try the bathtub, or fireplace?

Sleep in your clothes (jeans, jackets, and shoes work well because they’re so bulky and heavy), and with things in your pockets like keys and bottle caps.

Anytime you feel tired, take a nap–but make sure your naps are long and disorienting. It sure is fun to wake up and not know what day it is, or if the 7 on your clock refers to the morning or evening.

Just a few little steps can make a world of difference to your productivity. Take it from me, I’m… sleepy.

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