Chances are, you have a way you like to do things. You’re going to need to change your idea of how things should get done, if you want to succeed at not-getting-things-done-at-all. There are a couple ways your new sense of order could work. Either you need to live in total squalor, and be in a constant state of searching for what you need, or you can be obsessed with orderliness.

Living in a messy house has its immediate advantages. Ever notice how it takes about 10 minutes to find your lost keys and at least a half hour to find that damn remote? Now imagine if everything was constantly misplaced. Awesome.

orderThe other approach (i.e. organization-freak) is to become so engrossed in organizing, filing, re-filing, and re-organizing that you never get around to actually doing whatever it is you intended to do. Now don’t do anything big, like repainting your house, or balancing your checkbook. No, I’m afraid that counts as doing something. The key is to become obsessed with insignificant details that can easily take a whole day to fix, but still look like nothing has happened to an outsider. I’m talking about things like opening your junk drawer and saying to yourself, “You know, these little bits of string that I have in here are becoming unruly. I should really bundle these up, and sort them by length, thickness, and color.” Boom! At least 3 hours wasted (more if you can convince yourself that you need to make a box and label it “bits of string”).

Keep in mind that these are the two extremes, and a healthy mix of the two methods is arguably more effective than either exclusively. For instance, try living in a pigsty, but being concerned about organizing it. This leads to amazing chains of cataloging, and searching only to find something else that needs to be reorganized… “if I could only find the other one I have like this one…” and so on.


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