Eat. Eat. Eat.

eatNothing to do? Bored? Thinking about getting some work done while you’re in the mood? Wait! Have you tried… eating? It’s a fact. TV looks better with snacks.

“But I’m not hungry,” you might say. Well, you don’t have to eat a lot. Just walk over to the kitchen, open the fridge door, and stick your head in. See that thing? Eat it, and when you’re done eat some more. Grab some crackers. Gotta get those carbs in.

“You know, I really should leave the house today.” OK. Just get in your car and go somewhere to eat. Then, come home again. Done.

It’s not that hard, and you’re making important decisions that will help you in the future. Look at it this way. The fatter you get, the easier it is to do nothing. And, isn’t that what it’s all about?


One Response to “Eat. Eat. Eat.”

  1. I’d keep reading your blog, but I think I need to go eat something!

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