Rise and Grime

no showerPerhaps you’re one of those people who likes to take a shower as soon as you wake up. You’re going to need to resist that urge. A shower will fully wake you up, sharpen your senses, and make you function at a near-human level. You’ll want to avoid that sobering spray for as long as possible.

Instead, you should roll out of bed (or couch), put on yesterday’s clothes (even better if you’re still wearing them), and flip on the TV or computer (or both). You’ll be able to harness that sleepiness and ride it for the first few hours of your day.

Plus, there are some extra benefits to postponing that shower. Have you ever tried to do anything productive while wearing yesterday’s clothes? It’s nearly impossible. And if you do finally decide to leave the house, guess what? You’re not even ready for the day, yet. You still need to shower and get dressed. Hopefully, by then the notion will have passed.

Try it tomorrow. You’ll find it really helps you put your worst foot forward.

One Response to “Rise and Grime”

  1. I like to think my friends help me with this one. They only ever seem to invite me places when its already far into the evening and I have yet to shower and get ready. Friends don’t let friends get anything done.

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