Productivity is at an all time low.

productivitySo you had to do something. You were minding your own business, staring blankly into space, when something came up. You absolutely had to address it, and now you’re out of the house. I’ve been there, and it’s scary. You’re in constant fear that you’ll accidentally do something while you’re out. In the sunlight, your mind is switching on. It’s saying things like, “well, while I’m out I might as well…”

OK. OK. Don’t panic. You can still get back off track. What steps can you take to ensure that you have the least productive time possible?

You’ll need to keep your mind on other things until you can convince yourself to get back home. It might take a little planning.

Park illegally— This will keep you thinking about your car so much, you won’t get anything done at all. You’ll have to go back to check on it, and suddenly you’re in a prime position to just drive home.

Lose your keys— If you don’t drive, you can substitute the keys for the car. If you lose them before you go out, it means you have to leave the door unlocked so you can get back in. The result is similar to the parking scenario. If you lose them while you’re out, you can spend time looking for them and then waiting for the locksmith.

Start leaving the iron out— Not necessarily on, mind you. Just out. You’ll remember seeing it, and perhaps using it, but not turning it off. Nobody ever remembers turning it off.

Make sure you’re out of shape— The sooner you get tired, the sooner you’ll need to head home. Walking around is hard.

There’s countless more: Don’t forget that show you wanted to catch. It’s almost on. Oh no! Did you leave your phone at home? Better go check.

Now quick, get back inside where it’s safe and all of your remote controlling devices are at arm’s length.

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