Activity Avoidance

no stuffA lot of the posts here are geared towards what to do with your spare time, but what happens if you don’t have any spare time? How can you possibly waste time with a pressing deadline approaching? It’s surprisingly simple. I’ll teach you.

The first thing you should do is underestimate the time it will take. Think about the times you did something similar. Remember how long it took. It probably didn’t take that long. If you buckled down, you could probably pull it off in just 18 hours. Less than a day! No big deal. For bonus points, tell yourself that you don’t need to sleep, so technically 18 hours is almost a half day.

Next, convince yourself that you’re not in the mood to start. We’ve already established that it’s pretty easy to do, so there’s no hurry to get on it. Aren’t you sleepy? Or Hungry? Or just not feeling all that great? It’s better to be in the mood to accomplish things, and you can’t force that feeling. Get a haircut, and some new shoes. You’ll thank me later.

Now, become interested in something else. With the pressure of a big project looming overhead, your mind is looking for an escape, and getting distracted will come naturally. Turn on that old video game you don’t like anymore — time to find all the hidden items. Maybe you should finally learn Klingon. QaQ vum jIH ‘oH Quchqu’ vaD SoH. Or, perhaps you just go buy a coloring book. This is the time you’ve unlocked for wasting, so enjoy it as you wish. Whatever you decide to take an interest in, bury yourself in it. It’s important to the next step.

Suddenly, look up, and notice the deadline is coming too fast. Even the grossly underestimated schedule you set up is infeasible. Good news! Now that you know your project will definitely not get finished, you can focus on giving up.

Plan your excuse, chill out, watch some TV, and ask for an extension if at all possible. If you get the deadline moved back, repeat from step 1. If not, congratulations. You have successfully avoided an activity.


2 Responses to “Activity Avoidance”

  1. I’m being a good weekwaster right now. I still have way too much time to waste before my deadline tomorrow:P

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