Carry a lot of stuff.

backpackCarrying a lot of stuff makes getting ready to leave incredibly difficult. You need to round up everything and pack it just the way you like it before you go. You’ll also need to make sure you have enough pockets, which sometimes means you’ll have to do laundry.

Finding and organizing these things (when coupled with the morning routine) can make you late, worried, and frantic. It does wonders for slowing productivity. If that’s not enough, carrying these things will physically weigh you down and make you tired. And on top of all that, when you finally get to where you’re going, you’ll always have something in your pack to distract you from the task at hand.

What kind of things should you carry? Well, here’s a list of my basic items to start you off on the right path. Please feel free to expand on these.

Phone, camera, music player, headphones, video games, book, journal, pens, pencils, knife, pocket change, watch, wallet, keys, cosmetics, gum, grooming tools, laptop, laptop cords, various other cords, jacket, folding umbrella, lighter, candy, snacks, jewelry, change of socks, bandages, needle and thread, small dictionary, thermos, ashtray, matches, remote control, a chair, a lamp, and a paddleball game.

If you’ve packed it right, something is going to be missing, but try not to notice until you’re a good distance from your house. Then you’ll have to come all the way back home.

You may have noticed that some of those items can be combined. Don’t do that. I very much recommend a separate phone, camera, and music player. By separating them out, you increase both the amount of stuff you carry and the likelihood that you’ll misplace one right before you head out. Bonus points because they’re electronics, so there’s a good chance that at least one isn’t fully charged, and you’ll have to wait for that if you want to to be really prepared.


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