Exercises in futility

futilityHere’s a list of things you can do that take up time, but don’t accomplish anything:

Get involved in politics. I can hear you now, “Hey! That’s doing something! Getting involved means you’re making a difference.” To which I reply, “That’s so cute.”  Despite what you’ve seen in movies, there’s no danger of accidentally changing the world. Go ahead and write your congressman, march in protests, and argue with family members. Which reminds me…

Argue in general. Sure we already talked about arguing on the internet, but why stop there? Trying to change people’s minds is a useful and rewarding experience, provided you are hoping to accomplish nothing.

Make your bed. Seriously. Why the hell do people who don’t want to waste time do this?

Go to church. Only do it if you’re desperate to procrastinate, but rest assured, there’s nothing more useless you can do with your time.

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