Make big plans.

calendarMaking plans is another one of those counter-intuitive decisions that many people overlook. It might seem like an intent to do something, but it can actually be used to achieve the opposite.

Let’s say you’re running out of money, and it’s time to get a job. You don’t really want a job, but it seems inevitable at this point. Don’t fret. Plan!

By planning something big for a date in the future, you’ll be sure to keep your schedule free until then. In the example above, you should go ahead and use your remaining money to buy a plane ticket. Pick a date in the near future. The sweet-spot is something like a month away. It’s way too soon to ask for time off if you start a new job, and far enough away that you can maximize your down-time. Now, you don’t have to look for a job until you get back.

Here are some other things you can plan to keep you occupied and job-free for a while:

Have your family visit. This one is great, because it’s cheap and stressful. They’ll show up, pay their own way most likely, and when they leave, you may feel like you need another break.

Move. It will really cut down on any housework you have to do, since you’re just planning on leaving anyway.

Enroll in school. This strategy works so well, it’s almost criminal. You’ll feel like it’s a major step, so you can put pretty much everything on hold to “mentally prepare” for it. The date can be way off in the future, because you know it will be a long undertaking. Then, if you actually do go through with it, you’ve got your foreseeable future tied up in piddling little assignments, homework, and other inconsequential nonsense. It’s really nice.

Plan a vacation. A vacation is good because all you’re planning is more time-wasting, somewhere else.

Of course, if you plan something substantial, you may eventually have to flake on your plans, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

Bonus tip!!! Don’t limit yourself. This technique can work for other things. We’ve covered how being out of shape can be a useful tool in weekwasting, so apply this same kind of thinking to your diet plans: “I need to start a diet, but there’s that big food fest coming up in a few weeks. I’ll start after that.” That’ll work! But keep an eye out for more opportunities. As you get closer to the festival, you may hear about a picnic just afterward… what’s another couple days? With any luck, you can push that start date back until it becomes a formal new year’s resolution, and nobody expects you to keep those.


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