A Personal Story

This is a story about the benefits of being a professional procrastinator.

Like a lot of you, I had to travel this season, and I fully expected it to be a miserable experience. If you were at all like me, you encountered terrible weather and poor planning that all culminated in some serious waiting times. And that’s where the training kicked in.

I got to the airport early, expecting to be able to waste a few hours before the flight, but on top of that, the flight was delayed 4 hours. Problem? No problem. Being a good weekwaster, I carry a whole bunch of stuff and had my trusty bag of accessories. I stole the seat next to the outlet, pulled out the ol’ laptop, and connected to the airport wi-fi. Suddenly, my day was right back on track again, and if I’m honest, I probably was set for a couple weeks.

I could hear the complaints from the disappointed travelers, and I loved it. For the people who had things to do, this was a serious inconvenience. They had no idea what to do with their time. I had most of my blogs read by the time they started talking amongst themselves out of desperation. As they strained to think of interesting small talk, I pulled out the Cheez-Its. After that, I played some Gameboy, and messed around on Facebook. The time just flew by, and soon we were boarding the plane.

On the plane, the gameplan changed. There was no internet connection, and for a few seconds, I actually had to turn off my electronic devices! Oh! The humanity! But all was not lost. Soon enough, I could flip on my iPod and ride those sweet, sweet podcasts all the way home.

Now, there’s a lesson here: because I was properly trained and conditioned, my day was not any different from any normal day, while everybody else had a miserable time. And that’s a real-world payoff that makes me want to redouble my commitment (or cut it in half, depending on how you look at it).


4 Responses to “A Personal Story”

  1. I procrastinated so much, that I didn’t leave town soon enough and a big blizzard dumped over a foot of snow in my area. I was rewarded with my lack of preparation by not having to go anywhere! Thank goodness too, because I put off buying gifts too. It looks like everyone is going to get gift cards in the mail. It is a good thing I never got around to mailing out holiday cards this year in case I actually feel like heading to the store to pick up a stack of gift cards.

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