Yahoo answers!

Can you read? Chances are you can, or you’re at least a pretty good faker. Here’s a test:
You are ugly! Did that make you feel bad? If so, you can read. Now that that’s settled, you need to head over to Yahoo answers. You’ll feel like a god.

Sure, you may not be the smartest person (and trust me, you’re not), but after reading a few questions you’ll be convinced that the world needs your guidance.  Most of the questions can be answered in 5 seconds or less by copying the text of the message and heading over to Google, but the best are basic common sense. Compared to these people, you’re a wise old sage.

After all that self-loathing it’s nice to have some positive, up-lifting procrastination queued up. Just don’t let your self esteem get too high. Remember there’s always someone smarter than you. (Hint: it’s me.)

2 Responses to “Yahoo answers!”

  1. Oh God. I’ve done this before to waste time. I usually end up having no hope for humanity’s future after spending about 10 minutes answering inane questions, so I can only do it once every year or so.

    I found that I can waste even more time by searching in topics where I actually have some expertise because of my formal education. It gets even better when I have to get up to get a book for a citation. Nothing is quite as infuriating as when the incoherent answer copied from Wikipedia gets picked as the “best answer” when my well-thought out and cited answer gets nothing.

    • Hmm, “having no hope for humanity’s future” is a good start down the path of just not caring anymore, and that, in turn, is a good start to truly masterful weekwasting.
      It kind of makes me want to go crush the hopes of others by rating more incoherent answers up.

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