Leave things behind

Here’s a quick and easy tip for this weekend.

If you’re going somewhere, just leave something when you get there. This is especially helpful if you walk everywhere.

After you leave something and are coming home, try not to remember it any sooner than halfway home. If you remember earlier than that, you won’t have the opportunity to stress out about whether to go back, or just try to get by without it, and that little dilemma is half the fun*. The other half of the fun, of course, is walking back to get whatever it is. Weeee!

So what should you leave behind? Oh, anything you can think of: keys, your phone, books, Kirk Cameron**, your wallet.

*Not to be confused with “half the battle,” which is “knowing.”
**Actually, don’t leave Kirk. You probably won’t want to go back.

One Response to “Leave things behind”

  1. I have a hard enough time finding my keys before I leave!

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