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Special guest blogger: your mom

Posted in Special Guest, Wasting time on November 20, 2009 by Hepworth

Hi everyone. I was extra lazy this week, so I had a special guest blogger take the reins. In honor of Thanksgiving and family and stuff, give it up for your mom.

Hi, Honey! Wait. What? I don’t understand. What is this?

It hurts my eyes. What do the orange words mean?

Is this like Twitter? Hold on. Is it Facebook? Some of the ladies from my group are in there, and they told me to try it. Could you help me set up the bookmark page?

Remember Bryan from school? I saw his mother the other day at Albertsons, and she said he had a job with… well it wasn’t Google, but it was something similar… like the AOL or an Apple… you know, I just don’t remember exactly what it was. You were always so clever with computers and things like that. So I asked if they were hiring new people, and she said that she would talk to Bryan and he could get you an interview. You should call him. Do you still have his number?

Oh that reminds me Honey, I have a question about the iPod you gave me. I can’t find the song you put on it. I think I erased it. And I forgot where I put the paper that has how to put new songs on it. It’s really complicated.

So what’s this all about, again? I’m writing on a blog? Oh, I saw something about blogs on the news. They said that a girl cooked all of the recipes in the Julia Child book, and they made a movie about it! How exciting! Can you believe that? You could do something like that. You’re so creative.

Is this like that? “How to Waste a Week”… what does that mean? Why would you want to waste time? Honey, you’re so good at things when you apply yourself. Who needs tips on time-wasting, anyway? This is silly.

Oh! It’s a joke, right? I get it. I want to send it to my friends. How do I download the words? No. I want to download them to the email. Do I need to double-click?

Alright, well, I’ll see you soon. Are you coming home for Thanksgiving? OK, good. Have fun reading your blog, cutie. I love you.